Year 2 – geography field trip + map making

In our geography lessons we have been learning about maps, the human and physical features of Swinton and places of interest for visitors.

We drew a map of our route to Victoria Park and followed it.
We crossed the road safely using the Green Cross Code.

We found out what Victoria Park can offer visitors. There are signs and maps to help visitors in the park.

It has a bowling green, a bandstand, a sand park, an exercise park, a play park, allotments, a basketball pitch and tennis courts.
Lots of people were walking their dogs and children were playing on the swings.

The weather was bright and sunny but cold. We saw the autumn leaves on the ground. We measured the temperature and it was 10 degrees C.

We also found habitats for animals that we have been learning about in science. We looked in the leaf litter, under hedgerows and trees.

We had a great time learning.

We also took some photographs.

IMG_3555 IMG_3558 IMG_3547 IMG_3554

Parents in Reception

This week, we held our Reception phonics days for parents. The children in Reception had fun showing their parents all of the different phonics activities in the classrooms, which included: going on a phonics hunt, making silly soup, making belts and watches, letters in the play dough and sand, as well as any more!

We had lots of lovely comments from the parents that joined us.

“I have really enjoyed seeing how Evie learns phonics and it has given me some good ideas of games to play at home. I think the phonics games are really creative and engaging” – Evie’s mum.

“The phonics morning was a fantastic opportunity to see how the children work in class. Saadaya really enjoys the phonics which was evident throughout the session. A great idea and very valuable to parents” – Saadaya’s mum.


IMG_0679 IMG_0677 Slug