Stay safe on Soical Media

In Assembly on Monday we learnt about e safety. We watched a video and learnt the 3 golden rules for dealing with inappropriate behaviour:


We learnt you should tell an adult and show them what has been said to you. Then you block the person as you don’t have to put up with mean or unkind comments and finally you should report them to the administrator.

You can see the video we watched below:

Nursery go on a Gruffalo hunt…

This week the Nursery children have really tried to be TRYATOPS in class and at home.

We have  been on a Gruffalo hunt, we could hear the Gruffalo snoring and decided to try to look for him!

When we got back to Nursery we wanted to build our own Gruffalo using the resources outside. We took turns and tried to be SHAREADACTYL’S. In the afternoon we decided to paint and decorate the Gruffalo. We read the description of the Gruffalo again and used our knowledge of colour and shape.


IMG_4199[1] IMG_4166[1] IMG_4150[1] IMG_4138[1]