Chicks Watch…

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Over the last few weeks Nursery have had some very special visitors! We got a incubator with eggs! We discussed what would happen to the eggs and decided together that they would crack and something would come out.


Sure enough a few days later a crack did appear in one of the eggs. So, we watched and OUT POPPED a little chick. Then all the eggs hatched and we had 7 little chicks!


We’ve been keeping them safe, warm and well fed in their brooder box. We have been holding them lots in our carpet times – but always remember to wash our hands afterwards!


Nursery will miss the chicks when they go back to farm, but we WON’T miss the poo!

Parent Stay

Last Friday (3rd February) we had parents come into Nursery for Butterflies groups stay and play. The children really enjoyed showcasing their classroom, work and favourite activities.

Next week Buzzy Bee group will have their stay and play session – Friday 17th February from doors opening at 8:45am – 10:00am.

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Visit by Salford’s ceremonial mayor

Councillor Karen Garrido is the Ceremonial Mayor of the City of Salford for 2016 to 2017.

The Ceremonial Mayor is responsible for carrying out civic duties on behalf of the council. This is a different role to the City Mayor. You can find more about her role here.

The tour included:

10:00   Arrival and welcome: Mr  Pridden

10:05   Visit Year 4 Class: Welcome and Poetry Recital on Grosvenor Road and British Values

10:20   Visit Year 2 Class: Music recital

10:30   Visit Reception Class: All about us – what we have learnt this week

10:45   Visit Year 6 :Presentation and Question and Answers

11:15   Refreshments


Reception Mayor5 Reception Mayor Reception Mayor 7 Reception Mayor 6 Reception Mayor 4 Reception Mayor 3IMG_3122 IMG_3119 IMG_3118 IMG_3114 IMG_3112IMG_3111 Reception Mayor 7 Reception Mayor 2 Reception Mayor Y2 music recital 1 Y2 music recital 4 Y2 music recital 3