Year 2’s Science Day Out

We have written all about our day at the MOSI for you.

The children discovered the story of the cotton mills and watched a loom in action, it was very noisy! They had lots of fun with the hands on experiments – They stared into the well of infinity, created a tornado, solved puzzles and made a fair test when deciding which material was the best to bounce a ball on. Could you lift a Mini? Well they did, they discovered  how the power of gears can give them super strength. The children were memorized by bubbles passing through giant tubes of coloured liquids and how to mix colours to make others. They made shadows and measured their reactions against the speed of light. The Wright brother’s plane was at the museum and was great to see and the children found out how George Stephenson’s locomotive steam engine works.

Slithery visitors

The Nursery children welcomed a very slithery visitor during their work on animals – a young corn snake owned by Dakota’s auntie. The children were fascinated by the way it moved and how it tasted the air with its tongue.

We also enjoyed interacting with our very own pets, the giant African Land Snails, Peppa and George. We always wear a glove to handle them as they are VERY slimy! We like to watch them eat their favourite food, cucumber and lettuce.

We are very proud of the way the children handle our visitors with great care. And we always wash our hands afterwards!