Science Home Learning by Year 3

This week, we would like to celebrate some of the Year 3 Home Learning which has been submitted to teachers on our Google Classrooms.

Last week, Year 3 Children were set a Science task on their ‘classroom’. This was to design and make a  healthy wrap. They could make it into a balanced meal if they wanted to by adding a snack and drink and they were challenged to see if they could include foods from every food group. 

This week, their task has been to create shadows. They were asked to think about how translucent/transparent/opaque objects would create different shadows and also think about how to make shadows bigger and smaller by moving the object closer to/further away from the light source. 

2 thoughts on “Science Home Learning by Year 3”

  1. Well done, Year 3! Your work on Google Classroom has been amazing. I am so impressed with all that you have remembered from our Science topics about Light and Healthy Eating. It is great to see you demonstrating your learning in different ways.

    p.s. Your healthy wrap designs made me very hungry!

  2. Excellent work, Year 3. I have been so proud of the hard work that you have all put into your home learning, and I was especially impressed with how creative and knowledgable you were during these Science tasks. Your wraps and meals looked delicious! It was great to see that so many of you managed to include foods from all of the different food groups.
    Well done! 🙂

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