Nursery Book Share

The Nursery had their first ‘Book Share’ session after school today.

Children and parents were welcomed in to choose a book to borrow for the week. They took home a book review form too, so they could let their friends know which were their favourites.

The ‘Book Share’ is open for Nursery children and parents until 3.30pm every Thursday.

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Update from the School Council

The School Council have begun selling raffle tickets for the Roald Dahl raffle- tickets are selling well!

The school chairpersons – Nathan and Amelia have written their first letter representing the views of children in school.  They have written to Mr Pridden asking him about improvements that could be made to the outdoor area in Upper Key Stage 2.



Roald Dahl Raffle SCHOOL COUNCIL

The new school council have planned their first fundraising event.

The councillors have decided they would like to further develop our outdoor libraries and wish to raise some funds to buy new books.

They will be selling raffle tickets between the 10th and 17th of October – look out for the letter or pop into the School Office: Only £1 for 5 tickets! You can download the order form here:

School COuncil Raffle

The prizes:

  • a box set of 15 Roald Dahl books (worth £98.85)
  • a collection of Roald Dahl plays (worth £39.95)
  • The ‘Glorumtious World of Roald Dahl’ (Our favourite? Worth £16.99)
  • 15 individual story books


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