Happy Halloween

We had a very spooky day in Reception today!
We had flying lessons outside on the witches’ broomsticks, we wrote our own spells and spooky words in the wizard school, we have been casting spells in the spooky house and we finished off the day with a Halloween party and enjoyed eating some spooky treats!

Playtimes in Key Stage 1

Each day the children have a range of activities to take part in during paly times. Each playground has a climbing frame or trim trail, ball games, a quiet zone and an adult led activity – the school’s sports coaches rotate through Years 1 to 6 each day to provide sport activities.  This week Year 1 and 2 have been learning how to do archery with their sports coach led sessions.


Keeping Healthy

When we returned to school in the Autumn term we re-launched the Golden Mile.

Everybody in school ran a mile during the school day – in PE everyone set their ‘baseline’ time. Over the year we will focus on improving our times ensuring that we are all participating in fun sport activities. How fast can you complete it in?