4LN Romans Assembly

Last week, we performed our assembly all about the Romans to parents, carers and children from Year 2 and 3. We all worked hard to learn our lines and thoroughly enjoyed presenting our work to an audience. After the assembly, our visitors were invited back to the classroom to look through the children’s books and to take part in a variety of Roman activities.

We all had a great morning and thank everybody for coming in to support us!

Fun in the snow!

Reception wrapped up warm and went outside to explore in the snow this morning! We worked together as a team to build a very tall snowman. The children measured themselves against it to see if they were taller or shorter than it. Some children made their own snowmen and used carrots and pebbles to make their faces. 🙂

Fire Fighters’ visit to Reception

As part of our ‘Superheroes’ topic we will be learning about real-life ‘superheroes’. This afternoon we had a visit from the fire fighters who help to keep us safe in Swinton. We had a look inside their fire engine and we all had a turn at using the fire hose. We also listened to the siren and saw the flashing blue lights that are switched on when there is an emergency. Afterwards, the children had the opportunity to ask questions and presented the fire fighters with pictures and cards that they had made. 🙂

Year 2 visit to Eureka

On Wednesday the children in year two visited the science museum Eureka in Halifax. The children began their day in the Gross Lab listening to and taking part in a very interesting lecture on bodily waste! Following this they spent the day exploring light and sound in a variety of exciting ways in the various galleries.

Our School Values

This year we have adopted twelve School Values which we will be promoting throughout all our activities in school. They are: Respect, Compassion, Trust, Helpfulness, Friendship, Fairness, Forgiveness, Courage, Thankfulness, Perseverance, Generosity and Truthfulness.

Throughout each half term we will focus on two of our values in assemblies and circle time sessions, so our children understand what they mean and how they can show them – enabling them to ‘be the best they can be’!

Children are already becoming confident in talking about the values and we are encouraging them to ‘show their values’ by awarding Values Stickers in class and in the playground.

Antarctic week

Last term year 6 had a very exciting phone call. I know what you’re thinking: what’s so exciting about a phone call? Well this was no ordinary call, this came from the Antarctic! Yes the Antarctic!

As part of Antarctic week, BAS (The British Antarctic Survey) gave schools across the country the opportunity to speak to scientists who are currently working at the Antarctic. As you can imagine the children were very excited and had lots of questions to ask. They used their knowledge of food webs and Shackleton’s journey through the Antarctic to come up with some excellent questions.

On the 5th December at 11 O’clock the children got their opportunity to speak to Nadescha Zwerschke (a Marine Biologist) and ask her all their burning questions. The call was a great success and the children came away inspired and event more intrigued about the Antarctic and what it takes to survive there.

We would like to thank the BAS for the opportunity, but most of all Nadescha and Dan for giving up their time to answer our questions so thoroughly.

On a final note, the inaugural Grosvenor News was published just before Christmas and our phone call featured. I sent a copy to Nadescha and asked if she could take a picture of herself reading it at the Antractic… and she kindly obliged as you can see.

Now, can you take a picture of yourself reading the Grosvenor News somewhere really different, let us see how far the Grosvenor News can travel.