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World Book Day 2022

This week, we welcomed Petr Horácek to Grosvenor Road. Petr is a highly respected author-illustrator of children’s books. He spent a day with our children, sharing his books and leading workshops, culminating in the production of a spectacular mural which will now be displayed in school.

On Friday, we also encouraged children to dress up and bring their favourite books into school, as we focussed on reading activities.

Petr & Year 2’s Artwork

World Book Day 2019

We all enjoyed dressing up on World Book day – our classes chose different themes / authors.

This week we have also written entries for our short story competition and drawn illustrations for next year’s KS2 Planners – winners to be announced soon!

Nursery & Reception











Year 1 & 2











Year 3 & 4












Year 5 & 6








World Book Day Writing Competition

As part of our World Book Day celebrations, we are running a writing competition.  The children have to use one of the pictures as a stimulus for their short story.

It would be great to get the whole family involved, so the children will be bringing home a planning sheet so they can get ideas ready for writing their story in class next week.

Early Years and Key Stage 1










Key Stage 2

Antarctic week

Last term year 6 had a very exciting phone call. I know what you’re thinking: what’s so exciting about a phone call? Well this was no ordinary call, this came from the Antarctic! Yes the Antarctic!

As part of Antarctic week, BAS (The British Antarctic Survey) gave schools across the country the opportunity to speak to scientists who are currently working at the Antarctic. As you can imagine the children were very excited and had lots of questions to ask. They used their knowledge of food webs and Shackleton’s journey through the Antarctic to come up with some excellent questions.

On the 5th December at 11 O’clock the children got their opportunity to speak to Nadescha Zwerschke (a Marine Biologist) and ask her all their burning questions. The call was a great success and the children came away inspired and event more intrigued about the Antarctic and what it takes to survive there.

We would like to thank the BAS for the opportunity, but most of all Nadescha and Dan for giving up their time to answer our questions so thoroughly.

On a final note, the inaugural Grosvenor News was published just before Christmas and our phone call featured. I sent a copy to Nadescha and asked if she could take a picture of herself reading it at the Antractic… and she kindly obliged as you can see.

Now, can you take a picture of yourself reading the Grosvenor News somewhere really different, let us see how far the Grosvenor News can travel.

Reading in Year 6

This week the children have been reading an extract from Michael Morpurgo’s new book ‘In the Mouth of the Wolf.’  We were sent these extracts by the publisher, who was interested to know what the children thought!

The children have absolutely loved using them as part of our daily Guided Reading Session.

We sent some work and photographs to the publisher and received an email back  saying they would send us a free book!! Well done Year 6


Year 5 writing: The Lost Thing

This half term, in year 5MW, we have been enjoying reading The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan and planning a story innovation. We worked with our talk partners using story mats to create a new character and setting. We are looking forward to writing our own stories all about the characters, which we have designed, and how they will help to find the lost thin​g’s home!

Year 5 writing: Dreamgiver

This morning, Year 5KW began looking at a new stimulus for their literacy writing.  They enjoyed watching the video ‘Dreamgiver’ and then used thesauruses to improve vocabulary that they had generated.  They placed their new vocabulary in dream bubbles around an image of the Dreamgiver.  5KW enjoyed the task; hopefully this will help them to use exciting vocabulary in their writing next week.

Click on this link to have a look at what 5KW have been watching.