Full House at Family Easter Bingo

The hall was filled to capacity yesterday evening for our annual Family Easter Bingo with all tickets selling out in just one day! A great time was had by all and the evening raised £510 – thank you very much to all who contributed eggs and to those who were able to attend. Here are some of our bingo ‘winners’ :











Our bingo caller – Mrs Scott – did a fantastic job and entertained us with her singing too. She also had the very difficult task of choosing the overall winner of our Easter Hat Competition, which she wore for the event:




The winning hat was created by Tay in Year 3:







Fantastic Easter Hats!

Today children brought in their Easter Hats for our competition. All the children had obviously worked really hard on them so well done to everybody who entered the competition – they were all fantastic!

Our teachers had the very difficult task of choosing a winning hat from each class. These are now displayed in our Gallery area and each child has received their Easter Egg prize. (see below)

An overall winning hat will be selected tomorrow and worn by Mrs Scott at our Easter Egg Bingo Event tomorrow evening!

Class Winners:

N-1  Emlyn & Cai    N-2  Elliott

R-1  Finley  R-2  Michal  R-3  Ali

Y1-1  Callum  1-2  Fiona  1-3  Carter

Y2-1  Amir  2-2 Alisha  2-3  Thomas

Y3-1  Brooke  3-2  Tay  3-3  Elisha

Y4-1  Nevaeh  4-2  Georgia  4-3  Alex

Y5-1  Ethan  5-2  Alfie

Y6-1  Zach  6-2  Katie