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Year 4LL Class assembly

Today, Miss Livesey’s class taught us all about The Romans in their assembly, watched by their parents and two Year 3 classes. All the children contributed, speaking clearly and telling us about the Roman invasion and what life was like in Britain under The Romans. They also performed two songs, which showed their knowledge of Roman Numerals and Boudica – Queen of the Iceni.

After the assembly, parents visited Year 4LL classroom to look at their child’s topic work and take part in some Roman topic activities.

Thank you very much to all the parents who supported the class today and WELL DONE to Miss Livesey’s children – you were amazing!

Year 2 Trips to Staircase House

This half term, our Year 2 children have been learning about The Great Fire Of London. In order for them to ‘experience’ the events of September 1666, we took them to Staircase House in Stockport.

Here, all our children were able to see the type of house and belongings of the people who lived at that time. They were then able to dress up and take part in re-telling the story, alongside Samuel Pepys!

Romans Assembly by 4AD Class

On Thursday, Miss Dixon’s Class shared their learning about The Romans in their excellent class assembly – watched by parents and some of our younger pupils.

All the children took part, speaking confidently to their audience. They also shared their acting and singing skills with us. Well done to the whole class; all your hard work and preparation certainly paid off!

All parents were then invited to join their children in class to view their work and take part in topic activities.

Miss Boardman’s Y2 Class Visit to the Staircase House

This week, our Year 2 Classes went on a trip to the Staircase House in Stockport. We learned that this house is 500 years old! It is similar to the houses that were burnt down in the Great Fire of London!

The children dressed up as King Charles II, Samuel Pepys, maids, soldiers and a Link Boy (a Link Boy carried a lantern and escorted wealthy people around the dark streets of London, to keep them safe).

Do you know what date the Great Fire of London took place? Do you know what time the fire started and the name of the person responsible? How long did the fire burn for? Where did all the people live after the Great Fire? Y2 know the answers to all these questions!

Please continue to scroll down to see photographs from both Year 2 trips.

Romans Assembly by 4ED Class

On Thursday, Miss Duffy’s class led an assembly for their parents and some of our younger children. The children shared their learning on their recent topic – The Romans.

All the children delivered their lines clearly and confidently and their overall presentation was excellent; we also had some super singing! Afterwards, our parents came back to the classroom to look at their children’s topic work and share in ‘Roman activities’.

Thank you to all the parents/carers who were able to join us. Our Year 3&4 assemblies will continue throughout the Spring Term – next week our assembly will feature Miss Livesey’s class.

Year 5 visit Wentworth House

On Thursday, six Year 5 children visited the residents of Wentworth House Care Home to share their current topic work on World War II. They discussed their learning then asked residents about their own experiences and memories of the war.

Thank you once again to all at Wentworth House. This was a really rewarding and special learning experience for our children; they also made lots of notes to take back to their classes to really bring their topic to life! 

Year 2 Trip To St Annes

Year 2 have been learning about seaside holidays past and present. We have looked at Victorian seasides in the UK and compared them to seasides now. We visited St Annes and saw the pier, walked along the promenade, looked at the band stand and the Victorian shelters. We spotted lots of changes over the past 100 years; what people used to wear for the beach and what they did at the beach.

We also visited the Lifeboat Centre. The children thoroughly enjoyed making sandcastles and eating ice cream on such a sunny day!




































Year One Lowry Workshop

On Tuesday 12th February Michelle Leigh an artist who works closely with the Lowry art gallery visited year one and spent the day leading art workshops. The children listened carefully as Michelle told them all about Lowry and his famous pieces of artwork. The children improved their pencil drawing techniques through making a looking log each and explored simple perspective. Finally the children created a pen and wash art piece incorporating elements of Lowry’s paintings which are going to be entered into a competition at the art gallery. This was a fabulous way to end the history topic on L.S.Lowry and develop the children’s love of art.

Jorvik Viking Centre

Last half term year 6 travelled to York to visit the Jorvik Viking Centre. They fully immersed themselves in Viking life: visiting Viking York, seeing the houses, people, jobs, the sound and even the smells!!
Whilst at Dig they even learnt and took part in some Viking battle tactics, which they threw themselves into. Lets just hope we don’t see too many shield walls on the playground.