Travelling By Tuba

On Thursday we welcomed Chris and Stewart from Travelling By Tuba into school with their wide array of instruments. All our children were given the opportunity to experience an assembly or a workshop by the talented duo who entertain us, whilst teaching key musical knowledge. Here are some photographs from the day –



































Year 2 Trip To St Annes

Year 2 have been learning about seaside holidays past and present. We have looked at Victorian seasides in the UK and compared them to seasides now. We visited St Annes and saw the pier, walked along the promenade, looked at the band stand and the Victorian shelters. We spotted lots of changes over the past 100 years; what people used to wear for the beach and what they did at the beach.

We also visited the Lifeboat Centre. The children thoroughly enjoyed making sandcastles and eating ice cream on such a sunny day!




































Children’s University ceremony

On Tuesday, 22 children attended the Children’s University graduation at Salford University.  Over the course of the year, each child who had taken part in a school extra-curricular activity gained credits to achieve Children’s University awards. This year, we had children who achieved bronze, silver and gold awards, which is amazing. The children and parents who attended the ceremony thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were a credit to the school.

Remember, your credits from this year roll over to next year, so keep going to the extra-curricular activities to gain even more credits and achieve your next award!

World of Work Week – Year 4

Last week, Year 4 met a variety of visitors to help us gain a greater understanding of the world of work. We really enjoyed the week and on Friday took part in lots of different team building activities as we found out that this is important for many jobs in the working world. We would like to say a huge thank you to all of our volunteers for taking the time to visit our school!