Reception Superheroes!

This week, our Reception Classes have been celebrating superheroes, including real-life superheroes – people who help us in our community.

On Tuesday, we had a brilliant Superhero Day; all children and staff dressed up and we had a superhero experience at the ⭐️ Superhero Academy ⭐️.

We had to search for clues to solve a crime. There were photos of suspects hidden around the room which we had to find and put together. We worked really well as a team to do this and found out that the culprit was the grandma!
We also had physical challenges to build up our superhero strength – we moved around an obstacle course, over brick walls, through tunnels and through hoops to fight the villains. One of the parts we found most exciting was searching for the alien before locking him up in the jail.
Lots of Superhero fun was had by all!