Christmas Singing Group

This week our new Singing Group began rehearsals – we are looking forward to performing in the Main School Hall at our Christmas Raffle Event on Thursday 20th December – 3.30pm – 4.15pm.

Parents & Carers, Please come and join us as we draw our Christmas Raffle and enjoy Christmas refreshments and entertainment.

Singers, Please keep practising during this week – here are our songs to help you:

Happy singing!

Mrs Peacock


Rock Around The Shops


This Christmas Time


Snow Business (click on link below)

Snow Business Vocal

Learning in Year 4 – Teeth

This week, Year 4 have been learning about the different types of teeth we have and what they are used for. We explored this by using different equipment to ‘chew’ a banana. We agreed that the scissors would work best for the incisors because they cut the food. The fork acted as the canines because we could use it to rip and tear the banana into smaller pieces. Finally, we used the cube block to crush and grind the food into mush just like the molars would do! It was a little messy and we even ended up with banana stuck in our ‘teeth’! 

Lledr Hall – Mr Donnelly’s group: Gorge walking and high ropes.

Saving the best till last… gorge walking!! We started the day with a gentle stroll up the Afon Ddu Gorge, where the children showed fantastic determination and team work to work their way through the white water…even managing to squeeze through the elephants bum!! I’m sure they will explain when the get home.

The afternoon was spent working at height! Here the children tackled many challenges whilst dangling in the air from a great height. Again they worked through their fears and widened their comfort zone. Well done to everyone today you were amazing!

LLedr Hall – Mrs Johns’ Group

The weather today was beautiful. Our group spent the whole day exploring the valley of Cwn Idwal.  We first went into the visitors centre  where we learned a little about how the valley was formed. From there we walked round the the lake and up the mountain side (over 450 metres above sea level) where we sat and ate our lunch surrounded by spectacular views.

Lledr Hall – Miss Norris’ group

On our final day at Lledr Hall, we explored the local environment. We had a steep incline to begin our journey but luckily found a great spot to eat our lunch at when we reached the top! After lunch, we had lots of fun geocaching and managed to find five hidden treasure boxes which we searched high and low (and in lots of bushes) for. What a great last day!!

Lledr Hall – Miss Norris’ group

Wow! What a busy day! We spent our day today exploring a slate mine! We navigated our way through the tunnels and caverns and even had our lunch in there. Without our torches on we couldn’t even see our hands in front of our faces! Before we left we stopped for a well-earned hot chocolate by candlelight and squeezed in some time to search for some geocache treasures on the way back  to the coach.