Year 3 and 4 Basketball Competition

Last night, a team of 8 children from Year 3 and 4 played in a Basketball Competition at The Deans Primary School. There were 8 teams at the competition and everybody played fantastically. The team got off to a positive start, winning their first games. After such an amazing performance, we were then placed into the semi-final of the competition. With a marvellous win of 6-1, we were guaranteed a place in the final. The final was very tense, with both teams drawing 2-2 at the final whistle. It was the next team to score to win the tournament. Not long after the final whistle, Todor had the ball and shot for goal, he scored an outstanding winning goal. Grosvenor Road won the tournament! The team played amazingly, very professional and excellent teamwork. Miss Sutton and Miss Norris were very proud and were certain the children in the competition were a great representation for Grosvenor Road. As well as this amazing victory, Todor won man of the tournament, winning himself a trophy. The school have won a trophy (which will be displayed in the trophy cabinet) and each child got a medal and certificate. Well done team Grosvenor, excellent work!


‘Planets & Space’ in Reception

Today, children in Reception created their own display all about Planets and Space. This week we have really enjoyed learning about planets: some children painted their own planets and wrote labels for them and some facts about them. Some children made rockets using cardboard tubes and a variety of creative materials.  Others created their own space aliens! You can see some of their fabulous creations in the photographs below. 🙂

Blast off!!

This week in Reception we have been reading stories about SuperTed, which sparked an interest in space and planets. We have been very busy finding out different facts about planets and today we enjoyed using a variety of modelling materials to create our own rockets! 🙂

Year 5 Internet Safety

Yesterday, Year 5 had the opportunity to take part in an interactive and engaging afternoon learning about E-Safety.  The session taught the children about the age restrictions placed on various social media websites, and more importantly, why those websites have age restrictions.  More detail was added to this through looking at child friendly versions of the ‘Terms and Conditions’ for sharing sites such as Instagram.  The children were shocked to learn that the content which they post online is immediately owned by the site and that the site can sell it and use it in any way which they want without further consent.  The session looked at online activity and showed people doing things in real life that they do online; asking strangers to be their friends, showing strangers pictures of themselves on the street, following people down the road and asking a stranger if they would like to be ‘poked’ as you can do on Facebook.  Year 5 agreed that these were strange activities in real life and began to understand that it is also strange to do this online.

Throughout the session, the importance of being safe online meant that some children began to question their own online activity.  Filters and parental controls were discussed and the children asked questions as to how they could make their online activity safer at home.

It was a productive afternoon and much learning took place in Year 5 about E-Safety.

Internet Safety Week

Today we launched Internet Safety Week. Over the week children will participate in a range of activities linked to today’s assemblies on the theme “Create, Connect and Share Respect.”


KS1 explored what the internet is and discussed the different apps that use the internet. Children talked about the Three Little Monsters Story and how sharing positive comments about people is the safest way to use the internet.


KS2 explored the range of apps used to communicate with people and that saying positive things is the best way to act. Staying safe is easy if we share positive things and tell an adult when we have a problem or issue.