Learning in Y3 – Colourful Water

In science we have been exploring how plants grow and survive. We have been setting up experiments to show what plants need to survive. We found exploring how water travels in a plant very exciting. We completed the rainbow experiment which showed how water travels up the stems of plants. See our results below.


Learning in Nursery

The children have had lots of fun finding out about 3D shapes. They have brought some in from home and looked out for them in our Nursery environment. We tested out which ones rolled, and found out that the sphere, a golf ball, went the farthest, right across the room!

A visit from the Blue Cross

This week we have had a visitor in Nursery – Paul from the Blue Cross. He came in to talk to us about how we look after our pets and what they need from us. We even ​talked about how to make sure we play with our animals safely.  

Thank you Paul and the Blue Cross, we had a fantastic time listening to all the animals stories. 

Learning in Nursery

Thank you to all of our parents and children for bringing in photographs of family pets. We have had such a brilliant time showcasing and learning all about our pets. 

We have been lucky enough to have some visitors. Mrs Cray brought in her very brave hamster Helga Hufflepuff Cray and we watched her run around in her pink exercise ball, it was so funny! 

We have also had visits from Lucy the baby African land snail (she’s getting so big now) and Ash a friendly and fluffy guinea pig who munched through lots of healthy vegetables.  

Learning in Year 4

This week in Year 4, we are looking at a play script in Guided Reading. To ensure that we are familiar with the play, we performed it in small groups to the class. We learnt to follow the stage directions and used excellent speaking and listening skills.